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2018 Cascina Tiole Perno Vigna S. Stefano Barolo

A sophisticated and distinctive elegance defines this wine. Bursting with ripe red fruits, it also reveals savory notes of meat, earthy bark, and damp leaves. Delicate hints of licorice, leather, and sweet spices such as vanilla, cloves, and cinnamon add depth. Occasionally, balsamic and truffle aromas emerge, evolving with time to enhance its complexity.


With elevated full acidity and refined, mineral-laden tannins, this wine offers a smooth and velvety texture. Its intricate aroma profile resonates profoundly from nose to palate, showcasing complexity and depth. With a full-bodied presence and pronounced, lingering finish, it exudes elegance while remaining effortlessly approachable, making it a delightfully easy sip.

2018 Cascina Tiole Perno Vigna S. Stefano Barolo

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