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Iris Vigneti Prosecco D.O.C. Gold

Crafted from the Glera grape, this Prosecco showcases a pale straw yellow hue with hints of green, offering impeccable clarity and a fine, persistent effervescence. Its aroma is forthright and refined, marked by floral notes reminiscent of freshly plucked white flowers, interwoven with a harmonious array of fruity fragrances. Expect hints of white peach, golden apple, and pear. On the palate, it delivers a highly satisfying experience, balancing freshness with delicacy admirably.


Prosecco Gold pairs beautifully with a range of light appetizers, such as pumpkin tortelli, fish risotto, and seafood au gratin. It also complements seafood soups, mixed fried shrimp and squid, and boiled or baked crustaceans. Additionally, it enhances the flavors of mixed and fried courgette flowers. Perfect for enjoying between meals, it also serves as an ideal accompaniment to conclude a lunch or dinner.

Iris Vigneti Prosecco D.O.C. Gold

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